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seiyuu, part XXVII: Kenjirou Tsuda

When I started to write about the seiyuu I like, I wouldn't have imagined myself to present this person. However, since then I got to hear him in several anime and simply became very fond of his voice.

He has quite a deep voice, and his trademark manner of speech - of a completely disinterested person, aloof, haughty, calm - cannot be mistaken. So, he is unique, and I find it very pleasant thing. I'm looking forward to hear him even more in the future.

Kenjirou Tsuda was born in 1971, Jun 11, and lives in Osaka. According to wikipedia, he is not only a voice actor but also a normal actor.

I might have heard him earlier already, but it was Kazama Chikage in "Hakuouki" that drew my attention to this seiyuu. I was simply enchanted by the way he played the character, giving him (and other characters, too) so much personality. Kazama is a noble from demon family who has little regard for humans and supposedly uses them as he pleases. Tsuda made Kazama sound very detached and bored with the affairs he participates and thus a completely different character from the others, both humans and oni.


Tsuda performed in "Naruto", where he played Yamashiro Aoba, one of the Leaf Village shinobi. I didn't pay attention to the character or his seiyuu mostly because he was rather quiet type who didn't speak much. However, I noticed him immediately having watched "Hauouki" in 2011. As for Mikoto Suoh from "K", there was no room for mistake. It's quite funny that Tsuda plays the Fire King and yet sounds like he's asleep or devoid of any energy; definitely unique composition ^^


I heard Tsuda in "Fairy Tail", where he played Bacchus, but - being no fan of the series - I have little memory of the guy. I only recall he wasn't disinterested and bored at all, quite the contrary. The same applies to Fire Emblem, one of the main heroes in "Tiger and Bunny" and definitely the most flamboyant of them.

All in all, I heard Tsuda only five times, yet he made a great impression on me, and I really hope I'll get more chances to delight in his performance.
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